Three stories from Elsie Singmaster’s 1913 

Gettysburg: Stories of the Red Harvest and the Aftermath


      "And now, this instant, he was marching home!"

      "And now, this instant, he was marching home!"

“July the First”:

War comes to Gettysburg—where are the armies?


“The Battleground”:

Lincoln comes to Gettysburg—where will it end?


“Mary Bowman”:

Sightseers come to Gettysburg—where has it led?


In Singmaster’s powerful and specific exploration of a Civil War icon’s physical and emotional terrain, fictional townswoman Mary Bowman lives the war and its legacy—from the first shots at Willoughby Run to the consolation of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, to the country’s healing a half century on.

                                           Photos: Kathryn Durr, Gettysburg College



“What you have to offer is priceless. There is almost nothing in the whole big 150th celebration that focuses on women. . . . So masterfully, professionally, affectively and effectively presented… Truly a treasure.”

          --Paula Olinger, Associate Professor, Gettysburg College;

            Member, Historic Gettysburg Adams County


“Michèle LaRue gives a moving portrayal of one woman’s devastating loss during the Civil War. This program is a touching, intimate portrait of the personal toll of war during a crucial time in our history.”

          --Jan Oblinger, Adult Program Coordinator

            Fremont Public Library, Illinois


“We loved your Gettysburg stories.  They were a perfect Civil War sesquicentennial commemoration. Our audience was enthusiastic and made many complimentary comments. We have enjoyed three of your programs and look forward to hearing you in the future.”

          -- Beverly Weber, President

              Friends of the Middlesex Public Library, New Jersey


“Thanks again for a wonderful program.  Everyone was very moved by your reading.”

          -- Lesley Lambton, Adult Program Director

             The Ridgefield Library, Connecticut . . . AND

. . . “Your performance was exemplary. The detailed observation and subtle characterization was masterful. You are one hell of an actress!”

          --Richard Pilbrow, Founder, Theatre Projects;

            Broadway and West End designer, producer


“Michèle's feeling presentation of these three stories strikes the perfect tone, welcoming her audience into Elsie Singmaster's evocative and subtle tales. Her particular selection of stories, viewing the battle as it comes, as it echoes, and as those echoes fade, takes us on a singular and full journey, resonating deeply and long after the ‘book’ is closed. Gettysburg is an eye-opening evening.”

          --Alex Roe, Artistic Director

             Metropolitan Playhouse, NYC


“The audience had a great time and we have gotten so much good feedback already, it’s amazing.”

          -- Kelly A. Cuci, Head of Outreach Services

            Orland Park Public Library, Illinois


“Thank you so very much for your Gettysburg. I received great positive feedback from audience members!

          --Bob Conklin, Reference Librarian

            Moline Public Library, Illinois


“Thank you for a wonderful presentation.  We received LOTS of compliments.”

          --Connie McInturff, Adult Services Librarian

            Guthrie Memorial Library, Hanover, Pennsylvania



 Elsie Singmaster (1878 – 1958) is best remembered for her local colorist fiction, featuring the Pennsylvania Germans of her native state. Other Civil War – related works include I Speak for Thaddeus Stevens, “The Courier of the Czar,” and Swords of Steel. A graduate of Cornell University and Radcliff College, Singmaster lived in Gettysburg for virtually all her adult life.